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Theosophical Classics
back in print

Nicholas & Helena Roerich:
The Spiritual Journey of Two Great Artists and Peacemakers

Ruth A. Drayer

40 black & white illustrations
16 color illustrations
7 X 9

$23.95 paper
Also available as an E-Book.

Foreign rights are available.
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In her latest title, Ruth Drayer provides a factual account of the two Russian visionaries who believed beauty could solve the world's problems and unify humanity. Partners in all things, charismatic Nicholas (1874-1947) was an internationally acclaimed artist (responsible for over 7,000 paintings), author, daring explorer, conservationist, archeologist, humanitarian and peacemaker, while his wife, Helena (1879 - 1955), was a teacher and healer as well as the inspired co-author of the Agni Yoga ( series. This is the first book in English to interweave the Agni Yoga writings and the Roerichs' relationship with their spiritual teacher in with their fascinating travels, disclosing the long-hidden story of the Roerichs' connection with Tibetan Buddhism.

Though it may read like a tale, Drayer takes us on the real-life adventures of the Roerichs as they travel to the most remote and dangerous regions of India, China, Mongolia, the Gobi, Tibet and Siberia. We bear witness as the couple flees the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 Russia and as they arrive in New York City in the fall of 1920 where they later founded the first school that teaches all of the arts under one roof. We experience their trials and tribulations as the Roerichs trek through the following years, which were marked by spy charges, political upheaval and even captivity. Though the courageous couple reached the border of Tibet by 1927 in their search of the sacred Buddhist site, Shambhala, which was to complete their mission of peace by establishing a true “heaven on Earth,” their journey was again met with conflict.

Sadly, Nicholas Roerich died before this dream could be fully realized. From the 1935 Roerich Pact and Banner of Peace (introduced to the world under FDR’s administration in an effort to preserve the world's artistic treasures) and the 27-story Roerich Museum ( that still proudly sits on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, to the recently released British Secret Files detailing their unjust incarceration, these are but mere symbols of the Roerichs’ immense contributions to the art, humanitarian and spiritual worlds. Drayer unlocks the door to these worlds and provides us with a never-before-seen account of the complete story that is the legacy of Nicholas and Helena Roerich.

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Art and Photos Featured in the Book

Great Wall

Higher than the Mountains

Mother of the World

Tibetan Fortress

Altar Magazine Review


This beautiful book will help to broaden the Roerichs’ appeal from a specialized audience into the mainstream.
Daniel Entin, Director, Nicholas Roerich Museum, New York

With profound research and exacting detail, Drayer has done a wonderful job of compiling this long-hidden story set during the turbulent years of intrigue between nations caught in the impact of the Bolshevik revolution. Battling political powers and the suspicion that threatened their lives and blocked their journey, this couple struggled to introduce spiritual realities to the world while seeking Shambhala, the long-unidentified, most holy region of the world. Wayfarers reveals the courage and endurance of Nicholas and Helena Roerich and the significance of their dedication as never before.
Rev. Carol Parrish-Harra, PhD., Dean, Sancta Sophia Seminary
Author of Adventures in Meditation, Volumes I, II and III

Nicholas and Helena Roerich were two of the leading second-generation exponents in the modern revival of the ancient Wisdom Tradition, applying that tradition especially in the realms of art and culture. This fascinating account of their lives focuses on the four-year Roerich expedition in Central Asia in search of the mysterious Shambhala, the prototype of Shangri-La and the source of the world’s future salvation. By citing contemporary accounts Drayer has presented her readers with an absorbing direct view of the lives of these two remarkable Twentieth Century figures, whose work continues to echo powerfully in our time.
John Algeo, International Vice-President, Theosophical Society

Drayer’s brilliant book on the lives of the Roerichs brings us all closer to an important insight, “Truth, beauty and peace are essential and basic to life.” This book guides us through the powerful artistic and spiritual insights seen and sensed in Russia, Europe, America and India by truly genius artists and mystics. Unique and compelling, this book is an extraordinary contribution to the bridge between heart, art and the new millennium. Simply a must for those who see and feel spirit through art!”
Don Campbell, musician and Author of The Mozart Effect

Writer, painter and intuitive numerologist, Ruth Abrams Drayer is known throughout many artistic and mystical groups around the globe. Her eclectic, spiritual approach to life and her strong love of design and color is reflected in all that she does.

Foreign Rights

Also available as an E-Book.

Foreign rights are available.
Please contact us at

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