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Theosophical Classics
back in print

An Adventure into the Fourth Dimension (CD)
Geoffrey Hodson

$6.95 audio CD

The word dimension indicates a direction (or directions) in space. For instance, we live in a three-dimensional world. Paintings and photographs exist in two dimensions. If there is such a thing as the fourth dimension, it must exist at right angles to our familiar three. And if we postulate the existence of such a dimension, what kind of sensory faculties would be necessary for human consciousness to function within such a framework? Using geometric symbols and analogy, Geoffrey Hodson suggests how we might conceptually approach such a reality. 1967. 24 minutes.

Geoffrey Hodson (1886--1983) was an internationally known clairvoyant who spent more than sixty years as a lecturer for the Theosophical Society, speaking in America, Europe. South Africa, India, Australia, and the Far East. He conducted clairvoyant research, including first-hand investigations of the angelic evolution, in collaboration with medical professionals, physicists, anthropologists, and archeologists. He was awarded the Subba Row Medal in 1954 for his more than forty contributions to Theosophical literature.

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